When can we expect the results of the 70-688 exam?

UPDATE (January 17th) : The results have arrived!

Since it has been a while since I attended the Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 (71-688) exam, I was wondering when the results should become available. I tweeted @PrometricIT_Edu asking them when we could expect the results.


Too bad their answer wasn’t the one I expected. The strange thing is that the exam period ran from October 17th – October 31th. 71-688 exam period If I add 8 weeks to the last date we could expect the results before (or around) December 26th. Prometric is talking about the end of Janury 2013, so that’s a month later results normally become available. When I check the exam details page at Microsoft.com, the exam will be published on January 18th, 2013. So when can we really expect the results? I’m not sure, but I will certainly ask my MS Learning contacts for a reaction. When I have the response, I will update this blog post.

It’s October 19th…..so where are the results?

Update (Oct. 22nd) : Spoke to Prometric Netherlands this morning. They told me we should not expect the results anywhere near the first half of November. When I asked how they came up with that information, they told me the beta exam ran until September 24/25. The results will be available 6-8 weeks after that date. I will contact MS Learning as soon as they are online and available. I spoke to my MS Learning contact later in the evening and she told me (that the results should be updated in the upcoming night).

Update (Oct. 23nd) : This morning I checked the Prometric website and the results were there. For what I hear that’s not the case for everybody, so please leave a comment if you don’s see the entire results yet (some see one or more exam still saying Tested).

On August 20th I blogged about the date that we should expect the results of the 70-413, 70-414, 70-415 and 70-416 (Windows Server 2012) exams. October 16th was the date the exams went ‘Live’, but sadly enough (not for the first time) the beta results are not available again on this date. That’s why I had contact with one of my contacts at MS Learning several times, during the last few days.

What I didn’t really understand that, in the past we always received the results of the beta exams before the exam went ‘Live’. For what I understand is that something Microsoft Learning is discussing internally, let’s hope when the next series of beta exams arrive the issues are solved and the beta results are available way before the exams go ‘Live’.

I also contacted Prometric via Twitter several times. On October 12th they  told me to expect the results somewhere mid-this week.


Because it’s already October 19th in the entire world (in just two more hours the 19th is almost over everywhere except for the United States). They assured that the results would still become available on October 19th. Since their headquarter is located on the American East Coast, we can expect the results somewhere between now and October 20th 6:00 GMT…


I agreed with my contact at MS Learning to let her know if the results were not available by Monday morning (October 22nd), so she can contact Prometric HQ and to make sure the results will be available ehh…FAST.

Please let me know if you received the results (or if it’s still saying ‘Tested’), so I know what to tell MS Learning on Monday morning.

Windows Server 2012 Study Material

Just a few more weeks before the Release Preview of Windows Server 2012 will become available. Personally I think that the beta exams for Windows Server 2012 will arrive somewhere around June/July, so now it’s time to start studying. Today I ran into a blogpost on the Windows Server blog which put some nice virtual labs in a list which you can use to expand your Window Server 2012 knowledge….

Getting Started
It’s simple: no complex setup or installation is required to try out Windows Server “8” running in a full-featured virtual lab. You get a downloadable manual and a 90-minute block of time for each module. Before you start, read the minimum system requirements. Select a virtual lab from the list below. Then, you will see an application launch the lab.

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20th Anniversary of Microsoft Certification20 jaar Microsoft Certificeringen


This year it has been 20 years ago since the first Microsoft Certification became available. To celebrate this exiting achievement Microsoft has launched a special page on their Learning website on which you can help the next generation of Microsoft Certified Peers.

When you register for one of the seven qualifying exams Microsoft will donate an exam voucher to students around the world, giving them an opportunity at a better career and a better life.

So when you want to attend one of the following exams, receive a voucher code via this page. Use that voucher code to register your exam at Prometric (you still have to pay for your exam) to help an IT Pro/Developer/Student around the world :


Source : Microsoft Certification 20th Anniversary Homepageimage

Dit jaar is het 20 jaar geleden sinds het eerste Microsoft Certificerings examen beschikbaar kwam. Om dit heuglijke feit te vieren heeft Microsoft een speciale pagina gelanceerd op z’n Learning website waar je de Microsoft Certified generatie van de toekomst een handje kunt helpen.

Als je je registreert voor een van de zeven onderstaande examens doneert Microsoft een examen voucher aan een student ergens ter wereld zodat zij gratis de mogelijkheid krijgen om een Microsoft examen te halen.

Dus als je een van onderstaande examens gaat doen, haal dan eerst een voucher op via deze pagina. Het voucher wat je dan ontvangt (per e-mail) kun je gebruiken om je examen te boeken via Prometric (jij moet wel gewoon betalen voor je examen), zodat je een  IT Pro/Developer/Student ergens ter wereld aan een gratis examen helpt :


Bron : Microsoft Certification 20th Anniversary Homepage

Earn Rewards With Your MCP Certification Exams


Back in the 90-ties you received a one-year TechNet Plus Single User subscription when you achieved the MCSE ‘status’. I think I was one of the last ones who received this reward back in 1999. From 2000 you didn’t receive any reward (besides the MCP Wallet card and a certificate) at all…..until now!

A few years ago I already attended a Live Meeting Session about the MCP Award idea’s Trika and Georgeo had back in 2007! I’m not sure why it had to take until 2010 before the ideas finally grew into something now is known as the Learning Rewards Program. Too bad the program isn’t available to MCP’s (yet), but I received an e-mail earlier today which invited me to register for a pilot (if I’m fast enough on April 21st because there are only 10.000 spots available).

So if I’m right (and the pilot end successfully) we all (besides the 10k pilot MCP’s) can collect (?) our rewards!

If you did not receive the e-mail, please don’t e-mail me for the instructions to register for the pilot program because I won’t give you the how-to 🙂


Registration starts at April 21, 2010 at 8:00AM (PDT) (What time is this in my region?) so you have to be quick!

New MCP Credential : Microsoft Certified Non-Professional

Robbert Verbeek pointed me to the latest Microsoft Credential : Microsoft Certified Non-Professional. To achieve this credential you have to pass both the 70-401 (SCCM,Configuring) and the 70-656 (MDOP, Configuring). I’m not sure why Microsoft should name it Non-Professional, but as you can see below…it does exist!

I already forwarded this screenshot to the guys over at @MSLearning, when I receive a respsonse I’ll let you know 🙂

ps. Back in September 2009 Eric Denekamp also received the ‘Non-Professional’ Certification

Microsoft Learning Going Green


The environment is a hot issue nowadays and everybody is doing what they can (are they?) to reduce their carbon footprint. Microsoft Learning is doing the same. Because of that the MCP Certification Welcome Kits will only be available the digital way from June 30, 2009.

It is still possible to order a paper certificate (available again from July 7th) trough the MCP Member web site, but you have pay a shipping and handling fee to receive them.

To download your MCP Digital certificates (even the ‘oldies’ are digitally available from June 30th) just visit the MCP Digital Cert homepage.

Source: MCP Flash (June 2009) / BornToLearn Blog

Free Clinic : What’s New in Windows 7 for IT Pro’s

Received though Twitter (Thanks Gervercom for the Tweet) :


I’m not sure why it’s based on Windows Vista Client Technology, but it’s a course based on Windows 7. Most of you probably installed Windows 7 already, but if you want to know what’s new and how things work you should check out the (free) course!

Click here to go to the Microsoft Learning What’s New In Windows 7 For IT Pro’s webpage.

Will Windows 7 be as populair as it’s (beta) exam?


You maybe have read about it, but yesterday (April 27) was the day you could register for the Windows 7, Configuring Beta exam (71-680). Somebody compared the exam with the concert of a famous pop star : All seats booked in an hour!

Because the exam was so popular and almost everybody from Europe and America were unable to register, Microsoft chose to open up the registration again and (I quote JSeymour on the Beta Exams blog) ‘I then *quadrupled* the number of beta slots we normally have and you still burned through those in several hours.’

Still a lot of peers were unable to register for the beta exam, but Microsoft is now expecting more data then they can crunch before the release. So all you guys/girls that are attending the exam, of course you’re all giving a lot of comments on the exam, but do me a favor. Please (just to do Krista W. a favor :-)) place a ‘Helmer says hi to Krista W.’ text in one of your comments….thanks in advance!! Of course I do expect that all the other comments are of the serious kind!

(Let’s see how many of my readers are attending the exam :-))