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Today I responded to a question from Microsoft’s Tjeerd Veninga which was published through Twitter. He put out the question : “My family is no on RC too, how about yours?

Below that question he blogged about the tools you can use for migrating from the beta to the Release Candidate. He used the same tool I described a few weeks back. At the end of hist post he asked for Feedback the Windows 7 Release Candidate through a (new?) Microsoft website called

When you log on to the website (first you have to sign in with your Windows Live ID) you’ll see a screen (like below) where you can select Windows 7 Scenarios.


In the fist screen you have to set your local preferences. When you selected them you are able to give your feedback about the operating system. Isn’t that cool or what?!


I think it’s cool that Microsoft is giving us (the users of Windows 7) another possibility to give feedback about the new Windows 7 Operating System!

Provide Feedback on Windows 7 if you have TechNet Plus

While browsing through my favorite topic at Tweakers.NET (Dutch) I read something about providing feedback if you have a valid TechNet Plus Subscription. The procedure is explained on the secured TechNet Plus webpage (only visible to TechNet Subscribers).


Cool! I followed the described procedure, and indeed when I click the Send Feedback button in the top of a windows the Feedback Tool is launched. After I logged on with my TechNet Plus Windows Live ID I’m able to submit feedback.

You even can record a step-by-step video of the issue you’re reporting!


That’s better than the ‘default’ feedback (below), which you can give I’ve you’re not a subscriber.

Default feedback