Join Xtival 07 on XBOX Live and play online for free!


Xbox LIVE invites you to Xtival ’07: a three-day extravaganza of FREE Xbox LIVE Gold gaming. For 72 hours you’ll be able to play your favourite games against your mates, wherever they are – or you can jump in and enjoy Xbox LIVE on your own. Don’t miss our exciting competitions, Developer Jam Sessions and loads more free gaming goodness. So stick it in your diary and get ready for the gaming event of the year.

Just check the Xtival homepage for more information (and the line-up), I think the Xtival event is only happening in Europe (yeah it’s a European festival only as you can read on the Ubisoft website).

More info about Xtival ’07 (English)

If English isn’t your native language, visit one of the links below for info in your own language :
Meer informatie over Xtival ’07 (Dutch)
Plus d’information plus de Xtival ’07 (French)
Mehr Info vorbei Xtival ’07 (German)
Più Info sopra Xtival ’07 (Italian)
Más Info encima Xtival ’07 (Spanish)

Hotmail founder challenges Microsoft

Hotmail Founder Sabeer Bhatia sold Hotmail to Microsoft in 1997 for around $400 million. After selling Hotmail, Sabeer tried new ventures but none of them were very successful.

Now Sabeer has decided to challenge the cash cow (Microsoft Office) of the same company that made him a millionaire.

Today he has launched Office Live Documents – an online+offline Office suite of programs similar to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Like Zoho Office and Google Docs, Live Documents lets you create, edit and share Office documents in the web browser.

All your edits are automatically synchronized with all other copies of the documents.

And if you own a copy of Microsoft Office, you can download a Live Documents toolbar that makes it easy to upload documents from your Office programs to the Live Documents cloud (very similar to Office Live Workspace).

Live Documents is done in Flex so should work on any system that has the Flash plug-in. Overall, Live Docs sounds like a good concept but they are definitely up against some heavyweights notably Google and Microsoft.

Request invite for Live Documents here. Official site:

Source : Digital Inspiration

Microsoft sends out Windows Live Messenger 9.0 beta invites

Windows Live Messenger

No sooner has the Windows Live Wave 2 suite been released than the first Wave 3 beta begins – Windows Live Messenger v9. Unlike the betas that have just finished, the Messenger v9 beta is being run from Microsoft Connect as a private beta, meaning that, for the moment at least, unless you receive an invite, you won’t be able to participate.

For the moment it looks like most previous Windows Live testers are getting invites, so stay tuned to your inbox. With such a popular beta like this, you better sign up quick.

So what’s new? While the goodies aren’t yet available, we’ve heard about Multiple Points Of Presence (MPOP) support, which allows you to signin from multiple devices, ie be online at two places at once.

More coming soon!

Source : LiveSide.NET

Windows Live Favorites let you Take your Favorites everywhere!


A few weeks ago Microsoft launched the new Windows Live Toolbar (the same toolbar you need to use Windows Live Translator). On of the cool new (is it new?) features of the toolbar is the Favorites button. Through this feature you can easily synchronize your Favorites to the Windows Live Favorites server. How does it work?

Step 1 : Download the new Windows Live Toolbar and install it.

Step 2 : Click the Favorites button and click on Sign in


Step 3 : You can synchronize your favorites by selecting Synchronize now from the pull-down menu.

Step 4 : If you like you can change sychronize settings through the Options menu (same pull-down menu).


In the options menu you can let Windows Live Favorites automatically synchronize your favorites with the Windows Live Favorites server.

If you’re at a location and you want to use your favorites, just go to and logon with your Windows Live ID and there they are!

Windows Live OneCare 2.0 launchday

Today marks the launch of Windows Live OneCare 2.0, Microsoft’s 2nd revision of its all-in-one home computer management offering, combining anti-virus, firewall, spyware protection and backup software all into the same application. So what’s new in this version?  According to a new OneCare 2.0 Reviewer’s Guide, quite a bit:

Security and Protection Technologies

· Wi-Fi connection security (New)

· Real-time and scheduled anti-malware scanning

· Two-way managed firewall with automatic policy updates

· Internet Explorer® 7 Phishing Filter integration

· Microsoft Update integration

· OneCare advisories

PC Performance Tuning and Optimization

· Proactive fixes and recommendations for PC health (New)

· Start-time optimizer/turn off unused programs (New)

· Automatic disk defragmentation and hard drive cleanup

Data Backup and Restore

· Centralized backup for multiple local networked PCs (New)

· Online backup for photos (available at added cost) (New)

· Full and differential backups for key file types, including music, photos and financial documents

· Backs up to CD, DVD, external hard drive, local network drive and USB-connected devices

Network and Multi-PC Management

· Multi-PC management and monitoring (New)

· Automatic printer-sharing configuration (New)

· Firewall Connection Wizard for complex connections

Reporting, Licensing and Support

· Monthly report of service and results (New)

· Free version upgrades over the course of the 12-month subscription

· Telephone, chat and e-mail support

· Freedom to install OneCare on up to three PCs

OneCare is available in 17 countries and 7 languages, at (unlike zuneoriginals which is well, disappointing people outside the USA).  Finally if you have any problems with the new release don’t forget the official Windows Live OneCare forums.

Source : LiveSide.NET

Windows Live Toolbar Translator Button

WLtransbuttonlg Sometimes you visit a website and you have no idea what is says because it’s in Chinese or Arabic. From now on you can use the Windows Live Translator. A translation couldn’t be easier!

You can download the Windows Live Toolbar Translator Button from the Windows Live Gallery. When you install it you’ll find it in the Windows Live Toolbar. The Translator Button can translate the website you are viewing in up to 12 languages. To use the Translator Button you need to have the Windows Live Toolbar 3.x installed.


Download Windows Live Translator Button
Download Windows Live Toolbar 3.x

COOL : Windows Live Messenger IM Control Launched

Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft launched a Superb cool Messenger Control Tool today! The people who know me in real life know that I just love interaction, so that’s why I’m going to implement the tool right away!

The following was found at during my daily RSS-Read-Session :

The Windows Live™ Messenger IM Control lets people on the Web reach you in Messenger by showing your Messenger status on your web site, blog, or social networking profile. The Windows Live™ Messenger IM Control runs in the browser and lets site visitors message you without installing Messenger first. The IM Control is supported in IE6, IE7, and Firefox 2.0 on Windows and Firefox 2.0 on Mac OS. The IM Control is supported in 32 languages.

So how does this work? First you got to, sign-in with your Live ID and enable the feature (so people that do not want to use this will never be bothered by people they do not know). Then you can either choose a simple status icon (that will link to a webpage where you can then start a conversation) or the web IM control itself that can be added to your blog or website. For Windows Live Spaces this requires a Custom HTML module right now but I imagine that you will eventually be able to simple choose the IM Control from the existing module list or that it will even be integrated in all of the contact cards that are used on Windows Live Spaces, etc.

When someone wants to talk to you he either has to sign in with his Live ID or as a Visitor (name can be modified) and has to pass a HID verification (the ones with letters and numbers, also called captcha) before he can send you a message in order to avoid spam.

Angus Logan has more info and a detailed walkthrough over on his blog.

You can just contact me directly (if I’m online at Live Messenger) through the panel at this post or through my About page.

Windows Live Translator Beta

While searching for news about the @Live accounts I saw a (for me) new Live Service where I haven’t heard of before : Windows Live Translator.
On the website you can translate text in several languages (incl. Arabic, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanisch, Traditional and Simplified Chinese). The website even offers a plugin for your webpage so your page can instant be translated in the languages!

I’ll integrate the plugin in my website within the next few hours and I’m curious if i’ll get more visitors from Japan, Korea, Portugal, etc. 🙂

Update : accounts available today around 22:00 GMT

As you could read at my earlier post from this morning today the e-mailaddresses will become available! On the comments on (where I found the news about the addresses) I found when registration is open :

Open or or (just where it’s available earlier) at : Nov 06th, 2007 22:00 GMT (What time is that in my zone?) and be the first to register a address!

Source : meraTechPort

Windows Live Wave 2 Applications available for download

Nothing can stay quiet for long, thanks to Microsoft’s early preparations the Windows Live Wave 2 applications are available for download now!

Messenger is now 8.5.1302.1018 and Mail is now at 12.0.1606 . If you have any problems installing/upgrading from the betas, the following support article should help.

Download the new Windows Live Applications Installer (Downloads automatically the localized version)