Look who’s back again….it’s the Second Shot!

It has been a while, but it’s back. If you’re attending (or planning to attend) an MCP exam between January 5th and May 31th, Microsoft is offering you a Second Shot…for free (if you happen to fail your first attempt).

With the full transition to Pearson VUE as Microsoft’s sole exam delivery provider this year, there’s a slight difference in the Second Shot process. Please note:

  • You must complete a Microsoft certification exam between January 5, 2015 and May 31, 2015. Simply go to the Microsoft Learning website, log in, and schedule your exam.
  • After your exam, log in to check your personal dashboard at the Microsoft Learning website to verify testing results. Please allow up to 24 hours for results to show up on the dashboard.
  • If you need a Second Shot, select “retake” for your exam within 30 days from your first take.
  • Please review the Pearson VUE testing center availability for your specific exam and then schedule your retake.
  • For complete terms and conditions of this offer, visit the Second Shot page on our website.

Good luck preparing for your next Microsoft Certification! When you pass an exam, don’t forget to add it to your LinkedIN Profile and add it to your CV. Ohw…and if you are on Xbox One, just like me, dress up and get the MCP shirt for your avatar.


Two Windows Server 2012 Exams…Twelve Days…

Last Tuesday I  received an e-mail from MS Learning inviting me for both the 71-411 (Administering Windows Server 2012) and the 71-412 (Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services). In the e-mail the period you could attend the beta exam (using the mentioned promotional code) runs from July 19th until July 29th. I did some research and the last three Windows 7 exams (back in 2009) had a ‘bit longer’ period between the first announcement and the last day you could possible attend the exam. The average time between the first announcement an the last day you could attend the exam is (just check the table below) about 1 month!

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20th Anniversary of Microsoft Certification20 jaar Microsoft Certificeringen


This year it has been 20 years ago since the first Microsoft Certification became available. To celebrate this exiting achievement Microsoft has launched a special page on their Learning website on which you can help the next generation of Microsoft Certified Peers.

When you register for one of the seven qualifying exams Microsoft will donate an exam voucher to students around the world, giving them an opportunity at a better career and a better life.

So when you want to attend one of the following exams, receive a voucher code via this page. Use that voucher code to register your exam at Prometric (you still have to pay for your exam) to help an IT Pro/Developer/Student around the world :


Source : Microsoft Certification 20th Anniversary Homepageimage

Dit jaar is het 20 jaar geleden sinds het eerste Microsoft Certificerings examen beschikbaar kwam. Om dit heuglijke feit te vieren heeft Microsoft een speciale pagina gelanceerd op z’n Learning website waar je de Microsoft Certified generatie van de toekomst een handje kunt helpen.

Als je je registreert voor een van de zeven onderstaande examens doneert Microsoft een examen voucher aan een student ergens ter wereld zodat zij gratis de mogelijkheid krijgen om een Microsoft examen te halen.

Dus als je een van onderstaande examens gaat doen, haal dan eerst een voucher op via deze pagina. Het voucher wat je dan ontvangt (per e-mail) kun je gebruiken om je examen te boeken via Prometric (jij moet wel gewoon betalen voor je examen), zodat je een  IT Pro/Developer/Student ergens ter wereld aan een gratis examen helpt :


Bron : Microsoft Certification 20th Anniversary Homepage

MCP Rewards Program Registration Available!

Last monday I blogged about the upcoming pilot of the MCP Learning Rewards Program! The Registration started an hour earlier! So if you want to join, be quick since there are only 10.000 spaces available!

Step 1 : Visit http://www.mylearningrewards.net and click the Register now button.
Step 2: Select MCP from the list and click Submit
Step 3: Fill out the form (except for the Partner location ID) and click Submit.

You will now receive an e-mail with your password. Use this info to logon to the MyLearningRewards.com website.

Earn Rewards With Your MCP Certification Exams


Back in the 90-ties you received a one-year TechNet Plus Single User subscription when you achieved the MCSE ‘status’. I think I was one of the last ones who received this reward back in 1999. From 2000 you didn’t receive any reward (besides the MCP Wallet card and a certificate) at all…..until now!

A few years ago I already attended a Live Meeting Session about the MCP Award idea’s Trika and Georgeo had back in 2007! I’m not sure why it had to take until 2010 before the ideas finally grew into something now is known as the Learning Rewards Program. Too bad the program isn’t available to MCP’s (yet), but I received an e-mail earlier today which invited me to register for a pilot (if I’m fast enough on April 21st because there are only 10.000 spots available).

So if I’m right (and the pilot end successfully) we all (besides the 10k pilot MCP’s) can collect (?) our rewards!

If you did not receive the e-mail, please don’t e-mail me for the instructions to register for the pilot program because I won’t give you the how-to 🙂


Registration starts at April 21, 2010 at 8:00AM (PDT) (What time is this in my region?) so you have to be quick!

New MCP Credential : Microsoft Certified Non-Professional

Robbert Verbeek pointed me to the latest Microsoft Credential : Microsoft Certified Non-Professional. To achieve this credential you have to pass both the 70-401 (SCCM,Configuring) and the 70-656 (MDOP, Configuring). I’m not sure why Microsoft should name it Non-Professional, but as you can see below…it does exist!

I already forwarded this screenshot to the guys over at @MSLearning, when I receive a respsonse I’ll let you know 🙂

ps. Back in September 2009 Eric Denekamp also received the ‘Non-Professional’ Certification

UPDATE : MCP: The 71-693 is available…what’s with the beta code?

NOTE : If you are unable to register for the exam, please also leave a comment at this MS Learning Blog Post so they will know who as unable to register 🙂

Update (11:00am CET) : Unable to register for this exam in the following countries : Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany. Probably some other European countries you’re unable to register for this exam right now.

UPDATE 2 (13:06 CET) : (thanks to Bas Steeloper) Prometric can’t take any action before 14:00 CET (that’s when the Prometric HQ will be available), but it will probably take until 20:00 CET before registration can take place for the European countries named above.

UPDATE 3 : The Beta code is working!!! Be quick and register for the 71-693 before it’s too late!

At 12:00am (EST) the 71-693 became available for registration. And also this time there will be a limited number of seats. With the last exam (71-659) it took about 8 hours before all the seats were filled. What do you think, will this exam be filled quicker?


Too bad this time the exam code for the exam isn’t working in Europe, or at least in the Netherlands! Last few times there have been some issues that had something to do with some dudes leaking the promotional codes on the internet. I asked some friends over at MS Learning, but the told me there is only one beta code available, so it should work.
The strange thing is…over at Canada there was at least somebody who was able to register for the exam, with the appropriate beta code, but in Europe nobody succeeded!

Register for the 71-693/70-693 at 6:00am CET

In a couple of hours (6:00AM (CET) you will be able to register for the new Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization Administrator exam (70-693 / 71-693). This is the second in the line of three new Microsoft Virtualization exams of which the last will (for what I heard :)) be available in beta somewhere in the first quarter of 2010.

So December will be a busy month: Two exams, Christmas (and for the Dutchies..we also had Sinterklaas) and New Year’s Eve at the end of the month. It’s good to know that the exam period of the 71-693 will go from December 23rd, 2009 till January 15th, 2010. So this one I will schedule for the second week of the new year!

Later today I will publish a list with resources which you can use to prepare for the exam. Are you already prepared for the 71-659 (Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization)? Check out my preparation blog post!

Just to be clear. The beta exam will (probably) be available at 6:00am (CET). If you’re not in the European time zone you can check out your ‘launch time’ at this website.

B2L : Virtual Business Cards Have Arrived!

Due to a little bug the launch, which was scheduled for 0:30am (GMT+1), the Virtual Business Cards are finally available! Erwin just told me that the bug which delayed the launch is fixed! Yeah..it’s announced at the B2L blog too!

 [iframe https://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com/VBCServer/helmer/interactivecard 392 177]

The Virtual Business Cards are LIVE! Just visit http://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com to sign in!

Because I just changed the Windows Live ID I used for the MCP Member site, I initially had some logon problems. But after a new LogOff –> LogOn cycle it worked! Check out the steps I took to create a Virtual Business Card by clicking the Read More link below.

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