Download Windows 7 RC from May 5th through July 2009!


Let’s hope the Microsoft download servers will get a good last night of sleep, because from tomorrow they will have a tough job to do: Present the Windows 7 RC (and Windows Server 2008 R2) download to the whole world! Let’s hope they’ll do a better job then they did with the release of the Windows 7 Public Beta!

It’s good to read that the Windows 7 RC download will be available from May 5th through July 2009!

The Windows 7 RC will be available from May 5 through July

And if you’re unable to get your key? I’m not sure if the how-to I published back in January will do the job this time, so why don’t get your key right now! You can get it at this Microsoft webpage.

Will Windows 7 RC be released next week?


The German online magazine WinFuture (translated to English) published an article in in which they say that the planned release date for the Windows 7 Release Candidate should be February 27th, so that’s just a week away!

And this time also MSDN and TechNet users will be the first to download the Windows 7 RC. Too bad I’m on a business trip abroad next week, but when I’m home (on Friday, 27th) I hope I’ll be able to download the RC!

I’m not sure if the date is entirely correct, but if they want to release Windows 7 before Christmas 2009 they should at least release the RC in the next few months!

Update : The build where WinFuture was talking is not going to be the RC build.