UPDATE : I Passed the MCITP : Win2k8 – Server Administrator & Enterprise Administrator

Today my former colleague Kay asked me if I received the MCITP Win2k8 Server Admin scores, so I checked the Prometric website. And yesss I passed! Kay passed the exam too! Congrats Kay!
So now it’s just waiting for the MCITP : Windows Server 2008 – Enterprise results as they still say Tested on the Candidate History page.


And just a few minutes ago the page was updated again….and I also passed the MCITP Win2k8 Enterprise Admin exam.

So right now I’m completely certified on Windows Server 2008!

IT HerOlympics presents TechNite!!


Today Tony announced on his blog that there will be an afterparty just after the launch event. So if you’re coming to IT HerOlympics and you don’t want to go home just after 5pm (and get stuck in traffic)?

Tony tells on the IT HerOlympics blog that the TechNite will be a lot of fun: There will be a Guitar Hero III Contest, Windows Home Server Demo’s (by Tony). You also can eat pizza, play on XBOX360’s and watch demo’s of Microsoft PhotoSynth and Microsoft Seadragon (both links are in Dutch).

I think I will take the day off (the day after the launchday) 🙂 Done! 🙂


ps. I heard that everybody who visits TechNite will receive a full version of Windows Vista Ultimate SP1

Today is the Day


In the Netherlands it’s already February 27, 2008 so…..today is the official launchday of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

The global launch will start at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles were Steve Ballmer and his team will detail how this launch wave will help IT Pro’s deliver next generation web and business applications.

If you’re not around there is a possibility to join the Virtual Launch Experience. Right now some parts are ‘still under construction’, but that has probably something to do with the fact that the event starts at 9:00am (LA Time, What time in my region?).

TCP/IP Fundamentals for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008

At the Microsoft Download Center I found some interesting online books. This is one of them 🙂

This online book is a structured, introductory approach to the basic concepts and principles of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol suite, how the most important protocols function, and their basic configuration in the Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 families of operating systems. This book is primarily a discussion of concepts and principles to lay a conceptual foundation for the TCP/IP protocol suite and provides an integrated discussion of both Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

Download TCP/IP Fundamentals for Windows

A nice Windows Server 2008 book with a very long title


Everybody is asking me lately why they should install Windows Server 2008 instead of the good old Windows Server 2003. Everytime I start telling them about all the great stuff Windows Server 2008 has to offer, but now there is a nice book in which you can read all about it.

The full title of the book is : ‘Changes in Functionality from Windows Server 2003 with SP1 to Windows Server 2008‘. Not quite a title you easily can remember, but you don’t have to! Just click the link below and download the 300 page counting document and read it!

Download the book ‘Changes in Functionality from Windows Server 2003 with SP1 to Windows Server 2008‘.

Top ehh… 8 Reasons to upgrade to Windows Server 2008


  Reason Key Feature
1 Protecting your network from viruses and enforcing compliancy Network Access Protection – NAP
2 Providing efficient, low – overhead core services with a reduced attack surface Server Core
3 Meeting next generation security threats to your network, data and business Windows Server 2008 Security
4 Consolidation, compatibility and centralization Windows Server Virtualization
5 Providing flexible centralised application access for remote and mobile users Terminal Services
6 Enabling more secure collaboration Federated Rights and Identity Management
7 Easing administration, management and automation Server Manager and PowerShell
8 Delivering rich web content, applications and streaming media Internet Information Services 7.0

Just to keep you guys informed (and yes I attended the 646 & 647)

Several people were asking me if I also attended the 71-646 and the 71-647. The answer is : YES, I did! The thing is that I’m kinda busy right now for the study I’m following, so I didn’t blog about it. I did the exams last Thursday and I got a lot ‘Window Server 2003 Questions’. I have no idea if I passed or failed, I just have to wait and find out.

I used the information from Lukas Beeler’s blog (you can find the information in my former post) and some info from the comments of the ‘former post’. And offcource I ‘played’ with Windows Server 2008 in a virtual machine.

Windows Vista + Windows Server 2008 = Superb IT

Today I read something nice on the Windows Server 2008 website I would like to share with you guys. It starts that Windows Vista & Server 2008 began as a family…

“Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 originally began as part of a single development project, and as such they share a number of new technologies across networking, storage, security and management. Although the development of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 have branched into separate releases with different release cycles, many of these enhancements apply to both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. When organizations deploy both operating systems, they will see how the combined client-server infrastructure provides even greater advantages.”


IT professionals who are administering a Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 infrastructure will notice many improvements in how they control and manage their environment.

  • Maintenance is greatly simplified by the use of a single model for updates and service packs across client and server.
  • Client computers can monitor for specific events and forward to Windows Server 2008 for centralized monitoring and reporting.
  • Windows Deployment Services provides much faster and more reliable operating system deployment.
  • Network Access Protection features on Windows Server 2008 ensure that Windows Vista clients connecting to the network are compliant with security policies and restricted from accessing network resources if not.

The reliability, scalability, and overall responsiveness of the infrastructure are greatly increased by improvements made to both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

  • Clients can render print jobs locally before sending them to print servers to reduce the load on the server and increase its availability.
  • Server resources are cached locally so that they are available even if the server is not, with copies automatically updating when the client and server are reconnected.
  • Applications or scripts that need to run on both client and server can take advantage of the Transactional File System to reduce the risk of error during file and registry operations and roll back to a known good state in the event of failure or cancellation.
  • Policies can be created to ensure greater Quality of Service for certain applications or services that require prioritization of network bandwidth between client and server.

Windows Vista clients connecting to networks where Windows Server 2008 has been deployed can experience greatly improved communication speeds and reliability.

  • Searching Windows Server 2008 servers from a Windows Vista client avails of enhanced indexing and caching technologies on both to provide huge performance gains across the enterprise.
  • Native IPv6 support across all client and server services creates a more scalable and reliable network, while the rewritten TCP/IP stack makes network communication much faster and more efficient.
  • The new Server Message Block 2.0 protocol provides a number of communication enhancements, including greater performance when connecting to file shares over high-latency links and better security through the use of mutual authentication and message signing.
  • Terminal Services on Windows Server 2008 have many improvements, including providing Windows Vista clients with remote access to internal resources through an HTTP gateway and seamless remote applications that run as if on the local desktop.

UPDATED : I finally received the 71-649 score report

70-649-Scorereport-small Today I finally received the score report for the 71-649! Thnx George for the help receiving it!But something strange is going on….check out the passing score below! Just 34 points, isn’t that strange?
Can anyone tell me how things work with the beta exams and the passing scores?

UPDATE (Jan., 21st) : I contacted Prometric today and they told me that only Microsoft could give me the proper score and that the passing score of 34 is the score Microsoft gave them before the exam went live. They only could print out the score reports after the exam gone live (somewhere in October 2007). After that they transferred my call to Microsoft, but they couldn’t give me the correct score either. The woman at the phone told me that I passed, that’s all the could tell me. Maybe George or Trika has any idea about getting the correct score (something 700+)…