IT HerOlympics…the day after!

Yesterday I attended IT HerOlympics (The Dutch Heroes Happen Here W2k8 Launchevent). It was very cool to be part (as an Official Expert) of the Win2k8 Launch! There were a lot of sessions and I joined a few. There are also a few pictures from TechNite and some others from (ex-) colleagues.

Btw : Tony Krijnen told me that there were almost 1800 people at IT HerOlympics yesterday. And somewhere between 600 and 700 people stayed for TechNite.


IT HerOlympics presents TechNite!!


Today Tony announced on his blog that there will be an afterparty just after the launch event. So if you’re coming to IT HerOlympics and you don’t want to go home just after 5pm (and get stuck in traffic)?

Tony tells on the IT HerOlympics blog that the TechNite will be a lot of fun: There will be a Guitar Hero III Contest, Windows Home Server Demo’s (by Tony). You also can eat pizza, play on XBOX360’s and watch demo’s of Microsoft PhotoSynth and Microsoft Seadragon (both links are in Dutch).

I think I will take the day off (the day after the launchday) 🙂 Done! 🙂


ps. I heard that everybody who visits TechNite will receive a full version of Windows Vista Ultimate SP1

Today is the Day


In the Netherlands it’s already February 27, 2008 so… is the official launchday of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008.

The global launch will start at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles were Steve Ballmer and his team will detail how this launch wave will help IT Pro’s deliver next generation web and business applications.

If you’re not around there is a possibility to join the Virtual Launch Experience. Right now some parts are ‘still under construction’, but that has probably something to do with the fact that the event starts at 9:00am (LA Time, What time in my region?).

IT HerOlympics : Schrijf je nu in!

Zoals je al in mijn vorige berichten hebt kunnen lezen wordt op 6 maart a.s. een aantal nieuws producten van Microsoft gelanceerd, waaronder natuurlijk Windows Server 2008. Jij kunt hier ook bij aanwezig zijn, schrijf je snel in via onderstaande link!


Inspirerende nationale en internationale topsprekers en Microsoft-experts uit verschillende gewichtsklassen betreden de arena van IT HerOlympics, waaronder: John Craddock, Gerd Drapers, Brian Delahunty, Steffen Krause, Ronald Beekelaar, Ruud de Jonge, Steve Lamb, Tony Krijnen en Daniël van Soest.

U krijgt onderstaande zaken mee bij aanwezigheid op het evenement :

  • Windows Server 2008 Enterprise RTM Bits (64 + 32bit) + product key (software is ‘for internal testing & evaluation only’)
  • Visual Studio 2008 Standard RTM Bits – NFR FPP.
  • SQL Server 2008 CTP 5.0 with standard eval EULA (plus een voucher voor de final bits wanneer die beschikbaar zijn)
  • MS Press boek naar keuze
  • De content van deze unieke dag (**)

De kosten van dit evenement bedrage € 99,00 (excl. BTW)

Nieuwegeins Business Center
Blokhoeve 1
3438 LC Nieuwegein

** U krijgt van een aantal sessies de presentaties/content mee. Op basis van het definitieve programma wordt dit bekend gemaakt

More info about the Dutch Windows Server 2008 Launch Event

Yesterday Tony Krijnen announced the the official location (and date) of the official launch event. You can read his original post on his website. I already blogged about the date last week, but Tony also mentioned the complete list of speakers who will attend the event.

In Dutch the event is called : IT HEROlympics.

Date : March, 6th 2008
Location : NBC, Nieuwegein

Here we go :

John Craddock (UK), Principal Systems Consultant, Kimberry Associates
Gert Drapers (US) – Software Architect SQL server team, Microsoft Corp
Brian Delahunty (US) – Program Manager IIS, Microsoft Corp
Steffen Krause (DE) – IT Pro Technology Advisor, Microsoft GmhB (Duits)
Steve Lamb (UK) – IT Pro Technology Advisor, Microsoft UK
Ronald Beekelaar (NL) – Auteur, trainer, Consultant, MVP Virtualisatie & Security Expert, Beekelaar Consultancy
Ruben Spruijt (NL) – Solutions Architect & MVP Virtualisatie, PQR

Tony and Daniël van Soest also will attend the event (what would be such an event without them!). Ruud de Jonge will open the event in Nieuwegein.

More info will be published soon (I heard e-mail to subscribe to the event will be e-mailed Tuesday January, 15th)!!


Click here to view the event’s website (no, there isn’t a subscription link yet!)

UPDATED : Windows Server 2008 Dutch Launch Event


As in the whole world Microsoft there also will be a Windows Server 2008 Launch event in the Netherlands. This day contains all ingredients to become a success : Technical content (Level 200-300) in several formats : Hyper-V, Terminal Services, Service Core, Read-Only Domain Controllers, Declaritive Management, T-SQL enhancements, Analysis Service Designer, LINQ, etc, etc.

Here are (some of) the names of the speakers who will attend the launch event :

  • John Craddock (Active Directory Specialist)
    Click here for some John Craddock video’s
  • Gert Drapers (SQL Specialist)
  • Steffen Krause (SQL Specialist)
  • Brain Delahuntue (IIS Program Manager)
  • Ronald Beekelaar (Vitalization MVP)
  • Ruben Spruijt (Vitalization MVP)

When ? : March 6th 2008
Where ? : Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

Somewhere next week there will be a subscription link on the Microsoft website. When it’s available I’ll post it on my blog offcourse!

When more information is going public, I will add it 🙂

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Heroes Happen Here – Community Launch

On December 7, technical communities around the world will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual train-the-trainer and launch execution program consistent with the 08 Launch Wave of Windows Server 2008™, Visual Studio 2008™, and SQL Server 2008™.
Community Launch is a best-of-class support program that empowers community leaders to lead their own local launch events. Those who register to be Community Launch Leaders will receive exclusive deep technical training, high quality speaker training, and a Community Launch kit with a product focus to enable them to host their own launch event!

Source :

Lanceringswebsite Windows Server 2008 aktief


De launchwebsite voor Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 en SQL Server 2008 is aktief! Op de website wordt de lancering van de drie nieuwste Microsoft producten aangekondigt. Op 27 februari 2007, zoals hier al eerder te lezen was, worden de producten tijdens een groot evenement in Los Angeles.

Via de website kun je binnenkort informatie vinden over het event vinden, je kunt je er registreren en ook zal er studiemateriaal beschikbaar gesteld worden zodat je kunt laten zien hoe technology een held van je kan maken.

Heroes Happen Here, and make sure you don’t miss out!