24 Years Ago : The Launch of Windows 1.0

Today it has exactly been 24 years ago since Microsoft launched it’s first version of the Windows Operating System (pfieww..I was only 9 on that date) : Windows 1.01

Because of this 24th birthday of Windows I would like to share a video with you. And of course, just like most fo the hilarious Microsoft video’s on Youtube, it’s featuring Steve Ballmer who is trying to sell you Windows 1.0! In that time Windows wasn’t much more then a graphical layer of MS DOS.


Windows 1.0 Features


Windows 1.0 offers limited multitasking of existing MS-DOS programs and concentrates on creating an interaction paradigm (cf. message loop), an execution model and a stable API for native programs for the future. Due to Microsoft’s extensive support for backward compatibility, it is not only possible to execute Windows 1.0 binary programs on current versions of Windows to a large extent, but also to recompile their source code into an equally functional "modern" application with just limited modifications.[3]

Windows 1.0 is often regarded as a "front-end to the MS-DOS operating system", a description which has also been applied to subsequent versions of Windows. Windows 1.0 is an MS-DOS program. Windows 1.0 programs can call MS-DOS functions, and GUI programs are run from .exe files just like MS-DOS programs. However, Windows .exe files had their own "new executable" (NE) file format, which only Windows could process and which, for example, allowed demand-loading of code and data. Applications were supposed to handle memory only through Windows’ own memory management system, which implemented a software-based virtual memory scheme allowing for applications larger than available RAM.

Because graphics support in MS-DOS is extremely limited, MS-DOS applications have to go to the bare hardware (or sometimes just to the BIOS) to get work done. Therefore, Windows 1.0 included original device drivers for video cards, a mouse, keyboards, printers and serial communications, and applications were supposed to only invoke APIs built upon these drivers. However, this extended to other APIs such as file system management functions. In this sense, Windows 1.0 was designed to be extended into a full-fledged operating system, rather than being just a graphics environment used by applications. Indeed, Windows 1.0 is a "DOS front-end" and cannot operate without a DOS environment (it uses, for example, the file-handling functions provided by DOS.) The level of replacement increases in subsequent versions.

The system requirements for Windows 1.0 constituted CGA/Hercules/EGA (listed as "Monochrome or color monitor"), MS-DOS 3.1, 384K RAM (512KB recommended), and 2 double-sided disk drives or a hard drive.[4]

Windows 1.0 runs a shell program known as MS-DOS Executive. Other supplied programs are Calculator, Calendar, Cardfile, Clipboard viewer, Clock, Control Panel, Notepad, Paint, Reversi, Terminal, and Write.

Windows 1.0 does not allow overlapping windows. Instead all windows are tiled. Only dialog boxes can appear over other windows.

Windows 1.0 executables, while having the same .exe extension and initial file header as MS-DOS programs, do not contain the so-called MS-DOS stub which prints the "This program requires Microsoft Windows" message and exits when the program is run outside of Windows. Instead, the file header was formatted in such a way as to make DOS reject the executable with a "program too large to fit in memory" error message.

From the beginning, Windows was intended to multitask programs (although this originally only applied to native applications and for many versions the multitasking was co-operative, rather than preemptive).

Originally Windows was designed to have the pull-up menus at the bottom of windows, as it was common with the DOS programs of the time; however, this was changed before the first release.

Source : Wikipedia

Steve Ballmer Unveils Windows 7 – Watch it LIVE!


At October 22nd, 2009 Windows 7 officially launches! You can watch the official launch party live at Microsoft.com. The event will be hosted by Steve Ballmer himself and will start at 8am PST (What time in my timezone?).

[iframe http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/silverlightApps/videoplayer2/standalone.aspx?contentId=Launch_Keynote&src=/presspass/presskits/windows7/channel.xml&WT.cg_n=Win7&WT.z_convert=embed 400 334] 

Do you want to host your own Windows 7 Launch Party? Check out this Microsoft website for some nice resources

TechNet Live : The Microphone Incident

I’m not sure if anybody noticed it during TechNet Live. Steve was wearing two microphones. At first I didn’t noticed it, but when I was sorting the pictures i saw that Steve was the only presenter wearing two mic’s.


tony_onemic daniel_onemic

Maybe one of the mic’s was connected to the another room so the people that wouldn’t fit in the main theater could also follow his speech? Or maybe the batteries of the first mic were almost empty and just as a precaution they gave him two mics…..

Of course this isn’t a real incident…it’s not even an issue, but I was just wondering : Why was Steve wearing two mic’s? If anybody knows the answer (Tony maybe?) please leave a comment…

TechNet Live : KeyNote Steve Ballmer

Steve start with a couple of jokes about the Dutch Traffic. It took him less time to travel from Munich to Amsterdam then it took him to travel from Amsterdam to The Hague.

He talks about the launch and rollout of Windows 7. In this economical difficult times, he says, there is one business which will help innovate all the other business : The IT Industry!


IDC Pronounces that there will be 27000 new IT jobs between 2009 and 2013…..for the rest he talks about the great new products (Windows 7 for the most). The New Efficiency….Do More With Less!

After Steve’s keynote it was time for the Q&A. Here you have a few pictures I took during the Q&A.


How Dutch can we have it? The first question is from John van Berkum from the Flowerbulb inspection Service

Steve is thinking about an answer on the question from the man below (the one with the camera ).



Update : Reporting Live from the Dutch TechNet Live Event (Oct. 8th)

Update : If you still didn’t receive your ticket/badge for the event. I just contacted Microsoft Event Services and they told me that the badges were shipped last Thursday. They are sending out an e-mail with a barcode, so if you didn’t receive your badge yet…just print the e-mail (with barcode) and take it with you to the event!

I already told you guys that I will attend the upcoming TechNet Live event in The Hague (The Neterlands), but what I didn’t tell you guys is that I will be blogging Live from the event.

So if you’re unable to attend the event (there are no tickets available anymore), there is a way to receive the latest news and see the best pictures from the official Dutch Windows 7 Launch Event!!

Steve Ballmer
Microsoft’s own CEO, Steve Ballmer, will open the event with a 45 minutes session with Q&A (9:45 – 10:30). If it’s possible I will blog live during his speech.

Tony and Daniel
Just after Steve’s session, Tony and Daniel will show us some interesting stuff in their demo session ‘Seeing is Believing’.

LoadFest and Lunch
During the lunch session there will be a Windows 7 Loadfest. At this loadfest you can deploy your laptop with the Windows 7 Demo Toolkit. If you want to say hi, just come to the Loadfest booth…I will be there too!

IT Pro Tracks
After the lunch break it’s time attend several break-out sessions. To see the full list, just visit the planning at Microsoft.nl.

Expert Plaza
If you have technical questions about Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Mobile or Exchange Server 2010…the Expert Plaza is the place to be! At the Community Area will be experts available to answer all your questions. You can also pick up a free edition of TechNet Magazine at the TechNet booth.

image Windows_Server2008_logo Windows_Server2010

Attend TechNet Live and Receive Windows 7 Ultimate


A few days ago I blogged in Dutch about the upcoming Microsoft TechNet Live event which will be held in the Netherlands on October 8th. In this blogpost I told that Steve Ballmer will be one of the major speakers at the event, but what I didn’t told you (I didn’t know it at that point) is that the attendees will receive a ‘bijzonder cadeau’ (‘special present’ in English) at the end of the event.

At several Dutch websites the speculation had already started. Will we, just like the attendees who attend the US Windows 7 launch events, receive a copy of Windows 7 Professional…or will it just be a Windows 7 Sweater or T-Shirt.

This morning i received a newsletter which exactly tells you what the ‘bijzonder cadeau’ will be : Windows 7 Ultimate and a evaluation copy of Windows Server 2008 R2. (Below you see a small part of the newsletter in Dutch).


So if you still didn’t sign up for the event and you are interested in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2010 you still can! Just click here.

Agenda TechNet Live (8 okt) : Steve Ballmer komt spreken!


Because this news is about a Dutch Microsoft event I will blog in Dutch 🙂

Ondanks dat ik geen computer heb meegenomen op vakantie wordt ik zelfs via SMS op de hoogte gehouden van interessant ict nieuws (Dank je Tony!).

Een paar maanden geleden blogde ik al over het feit dat het in oktober eindelijk weer eens tijd zou zijn voor een nieuw TechNet Live evenement in Nederland. De agenda voor dit evenement is vandaag bekend geworden en de Amerikaanse topspreker die aanwezig zal zijn om de dag een van de key-notes te verzorgen is niemand minder dan Steve Ballmer zelf!

Je kunt je vanaf vandaag inschrijven voor dit evenement via deze link. Voor de volledige agenda verwijs ik je graag door naar deze Microsoft pagina.

Ik weet niet hoe het met jullie is, maar eh…ik schrijf mij vandaag nog in!

Schrijf je nu in voor TechNet Live
Bekijk hier de agenda voor TechNet Live