71-669 : Win2k8 R2 Desktop Virtualization Beta Exam available on March 1st

A few days ago I already blogged that MS Learning would announce the last out of three new Virtualization exams. Next week, on Monday March 1st, the registration for the (beta) exam will open!

Registration old school
Until now the first possibility to register for an exam was at 12:00 am EST (6:00am CET), because the last time Prometric made a beta exam available there were ‘a few’ things that didn’t go that well! The beta exam code leaked to the internet several times which allowed everybody to register for the beta’s, instead of the people that were originally invited!

During the last beta exam, the 71-693, everybody in Europe was awake very early (the exam became available around 6am in Europe), but we were unable to register for the exam. Later that day MS Learning fixed the issues and the Europeans were able to register for the 71-693.

Registration 2010
This time everything is different. A couple of hours ago I received a ‘beta-exam’ notification which told me registration for the beta exam will open on March 1st (Next Monday that is!) at 9:00am EST (What time is this in my region?). The beta code will be e-mailed on March 1st at 9:00am EST, so let’s hope the e-mail system does what it has to do and everybody will receive the beta code in time!

Will this be the solution?
I think something has to change to give, at least the SME’s, a fair change to be the first to register for the exam. So if the new procedure works the way it should, this could be a proper solution to prevent the code to be posted on the web before the beta registration opens. And if something goes wrong the Prometric office at the Eastern part of the USA will be opened up so MS Learning peeps can contact them to fix the issues that may appear.

So, when is the registration for the 71-669 is available?

What : 71-669 : TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization
Time : 9:00am EST (What time is this in my region?)

At the moment it’s not known when you can attend the exam, but this will probably be part of the e-mail of March 1st!

App-V 4.6 is availabe…

Finally the App-V is available for 64-bit operating systems! You can download App-V 4.6 as part of MDOP 2010 from MSDN or TechNET.

Since the release of Windows Vista I’m using 64-bit Operating Systems, so with the release of App-V 4.6 I can finally run all my sequenced applications on my laptop! I have to be honest…I’m using App-V 4.6 on my laptop since the release of the beta version. It’s really cool to have all your apps up and running again in about 10 minutes when I did a clean install for the 3rd time :

Somewhere in the next few days MS Learning will announce the latest Desktop Virtualization beta exam : TS : Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization, but more about that in another blogpost. For more info about the release of the beta exam-code please visit the MS Learn Blog

UPDATE : MCP: The 71-693 is available…what’s with the beta code?

NOTE : If you are unable to register for the exam, please also leave a comment at this MS Learning Blog Post so they will know who as unable to register 🙂

Update (11:00am CET) : Unable to register for this exam in the following countries : Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany. Probably some other European countries you’re unable to register for this exam right now.

UPDATE 2 (13:06 CET) : (thanks to Bas Steeloper) Prometric can’t take any action before 14:00 CET (that’s when the Prometric HQ will be available), but it will probably take until 20:00 CET before registration can take place for the European countries named above.

UPDATE 3 : The Beta code is working!!! Be quick and register for the 71-693 before it’s too late!

At 12:00am (EST) the 71-693 became available for registration. And also this time there will be a limited number of seats. With the last exam (71-659) it took about 8 hours before all the seats were filled. What do you think, will this exam be filled quicker?


Too bad this time the exam code for the exam isn’t working in Europe, or at least in the Netherlands! Last few times there have been some issues that had something to do with some dudes leaking the promotional codes on the internet. I asked some friends over at MS Learning, but the told me there is only one beta code available, so it should work.
The strange thing is…over at Canada there was at least somebody who was able to register for the exam, with the appropriate beta code, but in Europe nobody succeeded!

Register for the 71-693/70-693 at 6:00am CET

In a couple of hours (6:00AM (CET) you will be able to register for the new Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization Administrator exam (70-693 / 71-693). This is the second in the line of three new Microsoft Virtualization exams of which the last will (for what I heard :)) be available in beta somewhere in the first quarter of 2010.

So December will be a busy month: Two exams, Christmas (and for the Dutchies..we also had Sinterklaas) and New Year’s Eve at the end of the month. It’s good to know that the exam period of the 71-693 will go from December 23rd, 2009 till January 15th, 2010. So this one I will schedule for the second week of the new year!

Later today I will publish a list with resources which you can use to prepare for the exam. Are you already prepared for the 71-659 (Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization)? Check out my preparation blog post!

Just to be clear. The beta exam will (probably) be available at 6:00am (CET). If you’re not in the European time zone you can check out your ‘launch time’ at this website.

MCP: The 71-659 is available…be quick, seats are limited!

At 12:00am (EST) the 71-659 became available for registration. As I blogged before there will be a very limited number of seats!


I’ve been able to register for the exam…..I’m curious how long it will take this time to fill up all the seats! Will Microsoft extend the number of seats again like they did before, they said they won’t…..


To be clear : I won’t give you the promotional code to register for the exam. It will be announced later this week on the MS Learn Blog!

Exam : 71-659 : TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization

Just received an e-mail from Microsoft inviting me for the 71-659 : TS: Window Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization. So if you have an up to date SME Profile with the right expertise mentioned, you probably received the same e-mail:

Register for Beta Exam 71-659: TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization

You are invited to take beta exam 71-659: TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization. You were specifically chosen to participate in this beta because of your Microsoft Learning SME Profile or previous participation with Microsoft Learning. This opportunity will also be offered to the general public. If you pass the beta exam, the exam credit will be added to your transcript and you will not need to take the exam in its released form.

By participating in beta exams, you have the opportunity to provide the Microsoft Certification program with feedback about exam content, which is integral to development of exams in their released version. We depend on the contributions of experienced IT professionals and developers as we continually improve exam content and maintain the value of Microsoft certifications.

71-659: TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization counts as credit towards the following certification(s).

· MCITP: Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization Administrator


Registration begins: December 1, 2009

Beta exam period runs: December 4, 2009– December 31, 2009

Receiving this invitation does not guarantee you a seat in the beta. We recommend that you register immediately. Beta exams have limited availability and are operated under a first-come-first-served basis. Once all beta slots are filled, no additional seats will be offered.


For everybody who hasn’t got a SME Profile already, just go and read here how to create your own SME Profile. Somewhere next week the information on how to register for the beta exam will be posted on the MS Learn blog….this will include the promotional code to register for the exam for free!

Update2 – MCP : Virtualization Exams and Eh…Desktop Administrator 7

Virtualization Exams
Today I read a nice blog post on the MS Learning blog. The post is about the three new virtualization exams which will enter the beta stage soon. If you want to attend one (or all) of the virtualization beta exams all you need is a SME Profile with the correct expertise! The post is a bit mysterious about the date on which the exams will be available. That was the reason for me to contact some friends of mine over at MS Learning. They were able to make some things clear, but didn’t give me the exact dates.

Exam Will enter beta on?
70-659: TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization December 1st
70-693: Pro: Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization Administrator December 14th
70-669: TS: Desktop Virtualization Q1 2010

Ehh…Desktop Administrator 7

Earlier this week I blogged about my new MCITP Certification. I didn’t notice it right away, but Freddy Fuentes tweeted about it on November 20th. When he checked his transcript the exam showed up as the PRO: Windows 7, Desktop Administration and in the list of certifications it said : MCITP Enterprise Desktop Administrator 7. Oke..nothing strange I would say. But when you log on to the Certificate Manager the Enterprise Desktop Administrator 7 just said MCITP : Desktop Administrator 7 – Charter Member (Yeah..the Charter Member part was oke, but the Enterprise part is missing).
Freddy mentioned it to @MSLearning via Twitter. @MSLearning only responded with a short ‘interesting…I’ll find out’. Too bad it hasn’t been fixed yet, so when he told me he didn’t get any response yet from @MSLearning I decided to contact Krista who immediately took action (Thanks Krista!). She will blog about the issue later today on the MSLearning’s Born2Learn blog!
Krista told me she would look into the wrong certification name issue and she will have it fixed! When it’s fixed I’ll update my blog post. Krista also published a blog post about it at the MS Learning blog.

Windows 7 – Virtual Aero


Notice : The procedure below only works if you connect to the virtual machine from a Aero enabled Windows Vista host! (Windows XP doesn’t support Aero..so that won’t work!)

Today Eric Groot asked me if it’s possible to enable Aero within a virtualized Windows 7 Client, at first I thought this wasn’t possible. But then I remembered something I read in the time Windows Vista was launched. Back in the days (wauw..isn’t that a long time ago) I played with a virtualized Windows Vista myself and I wasn’t able to enable Aero inside the virtualized Windows Vista client. I’m not sure, but I think I read something about using Remote Desktop to connect to the virtual machine. In this case the graphical rendering is done with the graphical adapter of the pc you’re running Remote Desktop on and if that machine supports Aero, then you can use aero through the RDP session on the virtualized desktop.

Check out the two screenshots. The first one is the machine within VMWare Workstation (sorry, I don’t use Virtual PC).


The second one is the same machine, but then through an RDP session, as you can see Aero is enabled.


Notice : You have to choose the right connection speed to enable all the graphic stuff inside the RDP session…


Microsoft Softgrid 4.5 becomes Microsoft Application Virtualization

Microsoft Application Virtualization transforms applications into virtualized, network-available services resulting in dynamic delivery of software that is never installed, minimizes conflicts and reduces costly application compatibility testing. Users and their application environments are no longer machine-specific, and the machines themselves are no longer user-specific, enabling IT to be flexible and responsive to business needs, and significantly reducing the cost of PC management, including application and operating system (OS) migrations.

Formerly known as SoftGrid Application Virtualization, this is the first Microsoft-branded release of the product. It includes new capabilities designed to help IT support large-scale virtualization implementations across more sites and enable multiple delivery options; Globalization that lets users work in localized environments with localized applications; Dynamic Suite Composition which allows administrator-controlled virtual application combinations; and compliance with Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing and Secure by Default initiatives. This release also adds support for Windows Server 2008 32-bit Terminal Services (Microsoft Application Virtualization for Terminal Services only).

Microsoft Application Virtualization is an integral tool in the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance solution, a dynamic desktop solution available to Software Assurance customers that helps reduce application deployment costs, enable delivery of applications as services, and better manage and control enterprise desktop environments.

You can download the public beta 1 of Microsoft Application Virtualisation 4.5 through Microsoft Connect.

Source : Microsoft Connect website