Windows 7 Family Pack and E version!


Windows 7 Family Pack
At first the Windows 7 Family Pack would be available only to the US & Canada, but as of today it is also available in the following countries : The Uk, Germany, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden. Brandon LeBlanc announced the news earlier today on the WindowsTeamBlog.

The US price will be $149, so in Europe we can probably buy the Windows 7 Family Pack for around 149 Euro’s! So you will have three Windows 7 Home Premium licenses for around 149 euro’s!

Windows 7 Family Pack

Windows 7 E
Microsoft has announced it earlier that there will be no Windows 7 E version to be released in Europe, but customers who already pre-ordered the E version will receive a full version of Windows 7(with IE8).

All customers who pre-order Windows 7 before upgrade versions are available on September 1, will still be able to pay the upgrade price and receive a full version of Windows 7!

No Windows 7 Upgrades For Europe


It’s official: There will be no upgrade path with the Windows 7 E versions! So you can only do a clean install if you want to run Windows 7 in Europe. This will effect only the Windows Vista users,  because everybody who is still running Windows XP already don’t have an upgrade path! 🙂

Upgrade Option Program
Customers who buy a new computer (from Friday June 26th) will get an offer to receive a free upgrade from Windows. You can only get a free copy (retailer could charge a small fee) if you buy your pc from a participating manufacturer. This upgrade program runs from June 26th, 2009 – January 31st, 2010.

From June 26th customers in the United States, Canada or Japan (Japan until July 5th) can pre-oder Windows 7 for a discounted price, from July 15th Pre-ordering will become available in the United Kingdom, France and Germany (till August 14th).

Prices (Pre-order)

Version Retail Price Pre-Order Price Difference
Home Premium $ 119.99 $ 49.99 – $ 70
Professional $ 199.99 $ 99.99 – $ 100


Uprade / Full version prices

Full/Upgrade Version Price
Upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium $ 119.99
  Windows 7 Professional $ 199.99
  Windows 7 Ultimate $ 219.99
Full Version Windows 7 Home Premium $ 199.99
  Windows 7 Professional $ 299.99
  Windows 7 Ultimate $319.99

The prices are estimate prices and are in US Dollars