P2V Migration with MDT 2010

With the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit it was a piece of cake to deploy your machine with Windows XP, Windows 7 or even Windows Server 2008 R2. From now on it is also possible, with a MDT 2010 Add-on, to P2V your existing Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Windows 7 machine. Only (for now) the 32-bit version of these operating systems can be P2V’d. A virtualized version of the operating system can be used as a virtual machine inside your 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 machine.

The P2V Migration add-on is still in the beta stage right now, but because this add-on can be another positive vibe to (finally) migrate to Windows 7 I really would like to share it with you.

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What OS are you running?

Windows 7 is available for a couple of weeks now. Are you already running Windows 7? Maybe you are still using Windows Vista, or even Windows XP. I’m curious what OS you’re using right now..please leave your vote! And if you’re not running Windows 7 already, why not? Will you be running Windows 7 in the (near) future? Why not?

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Some software companies just HATE Vista…don’t they?

Right now I’m doing an APP-V project. One of the App-V Team members had to sequence the application Cress (Dutch application). Because he had some issues with the application (maybe it should be renamed to Crash for that reason 🙂 ) he was doing some research on the application’s website.

If you’re going to visit the page, beware…it looks really awful!

When he was searching in the application’s FAQ he discovered a really nice solution : Downgrade to Windows XP. This is just because they don’t/won’t support Windows Vista because there seems to be a budget problem. Just below this text you see a screenshot of the Cress’s FAQ page.


I think it’s really arrogant to totally ignore Vista and advise the organizations that use the application simply to downgrade instead of deliver the right amount of support.

For the record : The application does run on Windows Vista and only the help function is giving problems. During the sequencing process my colleague ran into some problems with some registry keys, this was the reason he was searching for some support in the faq when he ran into these crazy lines 🙂

Solution for problems with Vista x64 (and 4+ GB) with PVR-500


Maybe you can remember my post about an issue I had with my Hauppauge PVR-500 in combination with Windows Vista 64-bits and more then 4 GB of memory. For a long time I didn’t use my TV Card.

Thanks to a fellow member on the Dutch forum Gathering of Tweakers in my discussion (in Dutch) about this problem, Hauppauge finally replaced my card for a other one (I had mail them the old one and paid a bit for the new one), but it’s working right now!

So if you have (bought) a Hauppauge PVR-150 or PVR-500 and your total amount of RAM exceeds the 4GB, I would recommend you to contact Hauppauge in Germany to tell them that you’re TV card isn’t working anymore after your pc exceeds the 4GB. Just fill out the contact form on their homepage.

Yesterday I received a HVR-2200 which works nicely with Windows Vista 64-bit, but in Windows 7 it’s sadly enough a bit buggy…but this probably will be fixed in the near future!

Registration time Windows Vista Promo Kits Extended!


Everybody who received a Not For Resale copy of Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 at one of the event’s last year (Heroes Happen Here or Teched IT Forum EMEA for example :-)) could surf to  www.registerwindowsvistasp1.com and after entering the PIN (you can find it inside toe Vista promo kit) you’ll receive and e-mail with a valid productkey. Too bad the last possible day to do so was December 31st 2008. I’m one of the guys who forgot to activate, so I’m very happy that the deadline has been extended to June 30, 2009!

Thanks go to Keith Combs for blogging about it, so I can still receive a valid product key for the copy I received at Teched IT Forum EMEA 2008! 🙂

Back to the Future from Windows 1 to Windows 7


The last few days everybody was talking about Windows 7, a lot of you guys (at forums and blogs) were talking about the old-stuff (Windows XP).

For all you guys that think that the old stuff is always better (in the case of an operating system for example), I’ll give you the Back to the Future from Windows 1 to Windows 7 Installation Movies.

I’ll start next week with an old one…a really old one. Want to see which OS? Check back next week!

Can’t wait for the real deal….checking a Windows 7 Rumor


At one of my favorite discussion forums I read something about activating the Windows 7 Beta build with a legal Windows Vista RTM key. I’m not sure why someone brought the rumor in the world (maybe it had something to do with the Windows Vista keys which worked with Windows 7 Build 68xx), but I can tell you that it’s not working. And yes I tried a real Windows Vista Ultimate serialkey…


So we just have to wait couple of days before the real keys will become available (Is the Windows 7 Public Beta really available next Friday?)…

The Mojave Experiment


The last few days several websites were talking about the Mojave Experiment with which Microsoft wanted to persuade customers who disliked Windows Vista at first to become real Vista fans.

Today I read a nice article MS Minded (a Dutch Microsoft related blog) about the experimen. At first I thought the test subjects where all journalists, but as we can read (if you can read the Dutch language) at MS Minded (and also the Mojave Experiment website) the test subjects where arbitrary selected in the streets of San Fransisco.

A small quote from MS Minded :

The experiment started by picking innocent guides of the streets in San Fransisco. Only the people that were still using Windows XP (they don’t want to use Vista, although they’ve heard about it) were selected.

You can check out the reactions of the testing subjects at http://www.mojaveexperiment.com (90% of the contestants were impressed by Windows Vista!)

Windows Vista with SP1 on TechNet and MSDN


You didn’t download Service Pack 1 for Vista already? Just stop right there! If you want to reinstall your Vista machine, just download the Windows Vista with SP1 ISO file and you don’t have to install SP1 afterwards!

Ohw…yeah…you can only do that if you have a TechNet or MSDN Subscription 🙂